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“In 2011,multi-award winning hedge fund investor and martial artist enthusiast Pierre Andurand along with well known media investor and asset manager Scott Rudmann and Marcus Luer, CEO of sports marketing agency Total Sport Asia,became the catalysts for the formation of Glory Sports International after banning together with the goal of bringing the sport of kickboxing, or martial arts stand up fighting,to unprecedented,new rights.”
“The ambitious trio recruited a team of highly accomplished
figures from Martial Arts fight world to recruit the world’s top fight talent and operate GLORY WORLD SERIES as a major combative sports franchise.”
“Just five months after launching its live event series in Stockholm, Sweden on May 26,2012,GSI  sent first shock wave through the fight world by acquiring rival European
Kickboxing league “IT’S SHOWTIME”move that effectively bolstered its talent roster and placed nearly all of old best kickboxing under one promotional umbrella.The Transaction effectively made possible nearly any match between top superstar of the sport.”
“Under the direction of recently appointed CEO and former WWE  executive Andrew Whitaker, GLORY operates offices in the UK,NETHERLANDS,JAPAN,MALAYSIA,SINGAPORE,and US.
Fighters are fighting in six major divisions:
“The world’s premier kickboxing league,GLORY maintains six different weight classes and utilized a year long tournament format series,comprising of both 8-man”GRAND SLAM” and 16 man “GRAND SLAM”one night,single elimination tournament that test the physical and mental fortitude of their competitors.The fight series also include events consisting of traditional,single bouts,featuring superstar and emerging talents”
“GLORY WS” rules permit the use of punches,kicks and knees.”
GLORY’S MISSION is dedicated to placing world championship level of Kickboxing league,on a major platform before a global audience,and to produce matches between the top fighters ON THE PLANET.”

The Information for this article has been extracted  from the Glory World Series site with intention of keeping Kickboxing audience in touch  with latest pro news in our sport.Unfortunately there is nothing  much, happening with K-1 Global,so this is the MAJOR KICKBOXING SCENE INTERNATIONALY,NOW!!!

Article no 16
Prepared by Mladen Bobic





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